Board of Directors

The Issachar Imperative was begun with the explicit purpose of creating an annual Biblical World View conference for students and adults in SE PA.
Each year the conference would feature a well-known Biblical World View speaker/proponent to provide input and as a draw in hopes of bringing together as many churches in our region as possible.


The Issachar Imperative name is inspired by 1 Chronicles 12:32. The sons of Issachar are described as understanding the times, AND knowing what Israel should do in response.  So it's our aim to understand the times as best we can in light of Scripture, discern how we are to live. 
i.e. in light of this issue and and that issue, what is the Biblical World View through which we should see it all? 

Dr. John Brown - Retired Pastor, but remains very active, Issachar Secretary
Dave Shalaway - Pastor, Issachar President, Colson Cohort Director
David Johnson - Pastor of two local churches, Grandpa x4
Steve Karabatos - Youth Pastor and avid cyclist
Karl Yorgey - Retired from business, Issachar Treasurer , teacher in his church
Bob Gerhart - Retired Pastor, but remains very active
Josh Farr - Pastor and amazing dad
Navin Matthew - International Business Strategist 
John Mark Niehls - Head of School, Coventry Christian Schools